Top 5 Reasons to get an Adobe Certification

Top 5 Reasons to get an Adobe Certification

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Adobe is a software company founded in 1982 and focused on the production of multi-media and creative software products and provider of IT solutions across media and devises anywhere, anytime. Adobe’s presence and influence is much felt globally, owning more than half of its revenues from outside the US. In their website they said they “revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information.” “They help customers create and deliver compelling content and applications as well fully realize their business potentials.”

To be able to participate in the revolution which Adobe is promoting, they offer certifications to validate Adobe scholars. May it be for training, upgrading or resume building a certification can go a long way? The Adobe training and accreditation provides support not only for personal or company upgrading but provides resources that can help you achieve your goals. There are three popular certifications to be taken:

The Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) – An expert on this displays proficiency with one or more Adobe software products.

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) – This is an entry-level certification where the required skills covers planning, designing, building and maintaining effective communication systems using different forms of digital media.

Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) – Technical support is not the only expertise of Adobe but training as well. With an ACI certification anyone can be confident that you can deliver quality instruction. This test verifies your knowledge beyond your technical skills. To be able to apply for this you must have an instructor qualification or a teaching credential, passed the CompTIA CTT+ exam or equivalent. You should have also passed one or more ACE exams.

An Adobe Certification is very volatile. While others has three years of expiration, Adobe gives only 90 days after the last exam version you have taken retires. Just imagine how often they make an upgrade. However, Adobe guarantees good facility for recertification.

Why do you want to have an Adobe Certification?

Adobe is somehow a league of its own in this generation. It uses more imaging devises and enhances visual creativity while reinventing communication. Having a certification under Adobe is like knowing that you have a unique expertise apart from the other experts who have other IT certifications.

Here are top five reasons why an Adobe Certification is worth it:

1. You share the brand of Adobe – One of the best advantages of having a certification from Adobe is its being-part-of-the-family feel. You are authorized to use the logo of Adobe, which is considered a seal of excellence.

2. You have a competitive edge in the industry – Whether you are looking for a job or vying for a promotion, you have bigger chances in achieving your goal in the IT industry. As to credibility for your knowledge and skills, your certification is solid proof.

3. You play at work – Adobe makes visual creations. Having a certification with Adobe is like having the opportunity to help users to create fashion, follow a trend, dare to splash colors, animate, so on and so forth. If you enjoy the products, you would never realize that you are working as Adobe also provides learning support.

4. You can provide services in other industries who are taking advantage of the Adobe system – There are institutions such as schools and government agencies that aim to keep their curriculum or programs vitalized and relevant. A certification can help bridge classroom learning to real-world application.

5. You get the inside track on Adobe’s latest offerings – Adobe updates its members and certified professionals on the latest inventions or innovations of the company. As it is a very popular brand, having access to inside track information is an advantage to a player (including the IT Professional) in the industry.

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