Things to Learn From Designing a Logo of a Pear

Things to Learn From Designing a Logo of a Pear

Instead of Designing Macs Apple Logo, How about we design a Pear Logo!

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Instead of Designing Macs Apple Logo, How about Design a Pear Logo!

In this tutorial we will learn how to design a logo of a company that sells pears!  Looks like they are getting pretty high tech these days.

Note: As a General rule every step should have a new layer.

Design a Pear Logo in Photoshop Tutorial

Our Final Result of this Photoshop Tutorial, Click to View Large

Step 1
Create a new document with the following properties:

Width: 1000 pixels
Height: 800 pixels
Background Color: #b1f6ad

Step 2
Now use the Ellipse Tool (m) and make a selection like below, fill that selection with black:

Designing a Pear Logo in Photoshop

Create a Circular Selection and fill it with black Tip: Press Shift to make a perfect Circle Selection

Step 3
Follow the same procedure but this time create a smaller ellipse near the top of the other circle and slightly to the left. Also fill it with black.

Design a Logo in Photoshop Make it a Pear

Add another Smaller Circle

Step 4

With both of your circle layers selected press ctrl+t (transform) and then while altering the top left vertex press ctrl+alt which allows you to skew only one side of the pear that is taking shape, move the mouse to the left until it looks like below:

Design a Pear Logo with Skewing

Press Ctrl T and the Press Ctrl Alt to Skew only one angle of the Pear

Step 5
Now Press Ctrl+e to merge the topmost Circle with the Bottom Circle Layer

Photoshop Layers

Make sure Both Circle Layers are merged

Then ctrl+click on the Layer Thumbnail this will generate a selection of your pair logo, go to Select > Modify > Contract and Contract the Selection by 10 pixels Fill that selection with white to come out with the following:

Designing a Pear Logo in Photoshop

Add in a Middle White Area, kind of like an Oreo Pear

Step 6
Do the same thing as last step except for this time Only Contract by 5 pixels Fill this selection with #31e727 To come out with:

Designing a Logo in Photoshop

Fill the inner middle area with #31e727

Step 7
The next few steps might be a little confusing but here goes:

ctrl+click the layer thumbnail of the “Green” part of the Pear
Pull out the Elliptical Marquee and Press Alt to do a Substraction Selection and Un-Select the Top Half of your pear
Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert your selection
Fill the inverted Selection with White

You should come up with something like below, if you find the steps above hard to follow let me know, I might make a video tutorial of this one. but basically you have to make a selection like below: (doesn’t need to be exact) Press ctrl+alt+g while the white layer is selected to mask it to the “Green” Pair Layer.

Selection Tool in Photoshop

Do your Best to get this kind of a selection and fill it with White

Step 8
Now you need to change that White Area to a Gradient of White to Transparent you can do this by duplicating the white layer, and then ctrl+clicking the thumbnail to make a selection of that layer, then fill it with a white to transparent gradient with a angle to the left, set the layer mode to “overlay” you should come out with below:

Photoshop Gradient Highlights

Make a Gradient of White to Transparent, set the Layer Mode to "Overlay"

Step 9
Now you need to add the following Inner Shadow to your “Green” Layer

Inner Shadow in Photoshop

Apply these Innser Shadow Styles to your Green Layer

Step 10
Add a bunch of similar “Pear Spots” to the top left of your pear, fill them with #23a71c and then Set their Layer Opacity to 60% to come out with:

Adding Circles in Photoshop

Add a couple of Spots to the Photoshop, change layer opacity to 60%

Step 11
Use the Pen Tool to create a Stem Like Below:

Using the Pen Tool in Photoshop

Use the Pen Tool to create the Pears Stem

Step 12
And finally I added some text for the company, and some shadows around the edges:

Design a Pear Logo in Photoshop Tutorial

Our Final Result of this Photoshop Tutorial, Click to View Large

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you have any questions.

So what can we learn from designing a logo of a pear? Well you can learn how to design logos, and that designing logos of fruit is always a good idea! Look at Apple.

“Lt. Dan Invested in Some Fruit Company … Then we didn’t have to worry about money no more, and I said, Great! One less thing” – Forrest Gump

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