Sweet User Interface in Photoshop

Sweet User Interface in Photoshop

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We are going to be creating a User Interface like below:

sweet photoshop user interface

To begin create a new image 500×100 pixels for the Dimensions, fill the background with #3F3F3F

sweet user interface background

Click on the brush tool, photoshop brush tool and make the settings like so:

photoshop brush tool

Create a new layer and pull out the pen tool photoshop pen tool and make a path like below

photoshop path

Right click in the graphics area and choose ‘stroke path’ choose Brush with Simulate Pressure unchecked It should look like below

stroke a path in photoshop

Where your layers are click on the ‘paths’ tab, click on the Path1 and drag it to the new path icon photoshop paths to convert it to an editable path, right click on the path and choose ‘duplicate path’ duplicate it twice like below:

photoshop path duplication

Now deselect all the paths by clicking in the grey area below them, and click the layers tab, select the layer with the black line and it and press ctrl+j to duplicate it, press ctrl+i to change it’s color to white and then use the move tool move tool in photoshop and the arrow keys to move the line down about 2-3 pixels, change that layers blending mode to Overlay.


Now go back to the paths tab, pull out the pen tool photoshop pen tool and select one of your duplicated paths. Make sure your pen tool is configured like so:

photoshop pen tool

Use the pen tool to make a shape like below:

bottom photoshop gradient

Right click in the graphic and choose ‘make selection’ deselect the path and go to the layers tab, pull out the gradient tool gradient tool and set the colors to black to transparent

gradient settings in Photoshop

Now create a gradient like so.

photoshop gradient

Do the exact same thing for the top except pull the gradient too the top.

gradients done

Now use the text tool text tool to type out the text ‘sweet’, I used the font Tahoma and the color is #CF7600

sweet user interface

Create a new layer above the ‘sweet’ layer and press ctrl+g (alt+ctrl+g in CS4) to mask that layer over the text layer below it, ctrl+click on the sweet text to select it, pull out the marquee tool and press alt on the keyboard and select the bottom half of the selection to deselect it.

minus select

Fill the remaining selection with white, and set that layer opacity to about 20-30%

sweet highlight

Follow the same process for the UI text. You can then add in some links like Home | Portfolio etc.. I used Tahoma 10 pt.

sweet user interface

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    Nice tutorial. One though. You can save about four steps if you simply draw your path outside of the art board and connect it. You would then just stroke the path and then duplicate.


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    Thanks for the tip, that would be a good way to do it.


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    Nice tutorial THX



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