Generally, when creating new music, you discover fast moving air on a mic disrupts the audio since it results in a popping noise. With the aid of a pop filter, this sound will be filtered out so the thumping or possibly popping sound isn’t a problem. An additional benefit of utilizing the pop filter is it really helps to keep saliva from accumulating around the microphone, that’s very helpful since salts located in the spittle are actually harsh and may decrease the life of your mike. A special pop filtration system has been made for a Blue Yeti microphone, yet they don’t really fit correctly, leading Auphonix to produce a Blue Yeti pop filter which actually really works.

The pop filter for the Blue Yeti microphone, found at, readily joins to the mike and work extremely well in a variety of other areas, like for a desktop computer along with other level surfaces. Developed with the Blue Yeti as their objective, this filtration system won’t damage this mic not to mention zero holes have to be drilled. The thing that makes this pop filter truly stands out is in the style and design since you can conveniently clamp the device on any rectangular or possibly square mic arm, unlike nearly all pop filtration systems which were created for use with tubular microphone stands.

With the use of the Blue Yeti mic pop filtration device (, you’ll notice distortion is no longer a problem, yet voice quality isn’t really impacted. Problematic plosives vanish so you obtain high quality, thoroughly clean audio recordings each time. A double screen mesh ensures the tracks are exceptional but the cost is quite affordable. One particular significant benefit of this product is that it allows you to locate your apparatus in a manner that will be handiest for you. Numerous opt to purchase from Amazon because a bonus offer e-book comes with the gadget.

Choose the pop filtration device designed for the Blue Yeti from Amazon and you’re presented with a powerful e-book which actually gives you suggestions along with recommendations to ensure each and every audio recording turns out just like you imagined. This, in addition to the 100 percent, twelve month cash back guarantee, tends to make an amazing device, one which really helps you acquire great recordings all the time. Look into the Blue Yeti pop filter right away since you are bound to be impressed.

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