Futuristic Tech Sig in Photoshop

Futuristic Tech Sig in Photoshop

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Page 1 – The Background

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In this tutorial we will cover the art of creating super cool tech sigs!

  • The Basics of Signature (sig) creation
  • Using Abstract and Tech Brushes

Difficulty Level: Intermediate



Try downloading other Brushes as well and see what you can find, there is alot of great resources out there

CFX Metal Sig

Tech Brush Set V2

Grunge Brushes 3

Props and many thanks to the authors of those three brushes, be sure to leave them a comment on how cool their brushes are.

Final Result

To begin you need to load all the brushes you downloaded into Photoshop, to do this, Click on the small arrow in the brush editing area and select “Load Brushes”, you can then load in the .abr brushes.

Your next step is to create a new document 350×150 px (a common dimension for sigs), then set your foreground color to white, and background color to black, next go to Filter > Render > Clouds

Now let’s begin using those brushes you downloaded, pull out the Brush tool, and select one of the CFX Metal Sig Abstract Brushes, just choose a random shape, set the opacity of the brush to 30%, set your foreground color to black and randomly paint the different shapes around the area. Create a new layer set the foreground color to white, and with the same brush (or even a different one) paint some more random shapes around the area, do this 3-4 more times each time creating a new layer, and alternating from black to white. This is what I came out with

Next do about the same thing except use Grunge Brushes, alternating from black and white, a new layer each time, and about 3-4 times.

Now we are going to color this up a bit, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance (from now on referred to as Color Balance), choose a color you’d like your sig to fit and press ok, I chose yellow but you can choose just about any color you want.

In the next popup window you can configure the different color levels for the Midtones of the Sig, I pushed heavily to the yellow side to give it a yellow tint, just fool around with it until you have something that looks cool then press ok.

Now go to Color Balance again, choose yellow and in the next popup window do the same thing except choose the Highlights radio button and once again fool around with the sliders until you get something you are satisfied with. Then once again bring up the Color Balance window, select Yellow and do the Shadows. This is what I came out with:

You now have a good base to work with, in the next step we will add in the model and do the Tech Brushes.

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