Software Recommendation – Software Tracking and then some!

Software Recommendation – Software Tracking and then some!

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If you are looking for some good free web analytics then make sure that you give a look. In addition to tracking all the stuff that you’d be used to such as unique visitors, visitor demographics, where the visitor came from, and so on. also has some neat visitor feedback and interaction tools that can really help your site stand out from the rest. The built in feedback (polling, and customer surveys) can prove to be exceptionally useful over time. Have you ever wanted to know what your customers really think about your website? Or have you wanted to know which pages they liked and which pages completely shut them out?

Well using it can better help you get a picture of what users are really doing on your site, and even helps you ask them their opinion. This can help you know what improvements and changes you can make to your website to continue to make it better and better for your valued visitors. As webmasters we constantly want to improve our websites and many times you can feel like you have no idea what your visitors will like, now you no longer need to feel that way you can begin to start tracking what your users really want, quickly and easily.

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