Extreme Website Header

Extreme Website Header

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We are going to be creating an Extreme Website Header like below

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First create a new Photoshop document, that is 800×200 pixels, and has a transparent background.

Next use the paintbucket tool to fill the background with #B5B292, create a new layer , then pull out the Marquee Tool Make a selection like below and then use the paintbucket tool again to fill the selection with #473E26. Your document should look like below:

Next we are going to make a dropshadow image, create a new document with the following settings:

Set the foreground color to black and then pull out the pencil tool , zoom in really close and create an image like below

Now go to Edit > Define Pattern it doesn’t matter what the pattern is, so press ok

Now make a new layer and position that layer underneath the layer with the Brown Header rectangle on it press ctrl+click on the layer with that Brown Header to select it use the down arrow key to move the selection down about 5 pixels (BE SURE THE LAYER UNDER THE BROWN HEADER IS SELECTED):

Next with the layer under the header selected press shift+backspace, and select the pattern you created earlier. Then press ok:

Set that layers opacity to 20% and you should come out with this:

Next you need to download the following image, (right click and select save image as)

Then open the image use the marquee tool to copy and


Press ctrl+g on the layer with the trees on it to make sure you get it to match up perfectly with the brown header layer

paste it over top of the Brown Header layer. Make it look like this

Your going to be needing to create a new pattern now, press ctrl+n to create a new image, make it’s dimensions 2×1 pixels and draw out an image like so, use the zoom tool to zoom way in:

Make a new layer and make a selection right above the layer with the trees on it

Press shift plus backspace and fill that layer with the new pattern:


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