Cross Country Home Services Commitment to Excellence

Cross Country Home Services Commitment to Excellence

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Cross Country Home Services (CCHS) centers their products and services around maintaining, replacing and repairing systems and appliances related to a common household. The company provides home warranties, home emergency assistance plans, and homeowner emergency assistance plans to assist with this endeavor. They offer affordable solutions in the following areas:

• Energy Efficiency
• Home Assistance
• Home Maintenance
• Home Service Plans
• Line Protection

To assist their customers from unforeseen, costly events, they are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. Cross Country Home Services aims to provide exceptional customer support via phone or internet. Additionally, their specialized trained technical staff will be available to address the customer’s needs should they arise. Over 40,000 technical personnel serve their tens of thousands of customers by providing HVAC services, plumbing services, electrical services, and appliance services.

Cross Country Home Services located its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For 30 years, this organization has provided service to clients in financial services, real estate, insurance, utilities and others. Cross Country Home Services has clients located both regionally and nationally. The organization is an entity of the larger Cross Country Group. This organization has provided customer service to millions of individuals and is one of the largest private customer service providers in the United States.

Cross Country Home Services provides consumers with unparalleled service and coverage. They anticipate the needs of homeowners and offer products that many homeowners are not aware that they need. Their goal is to educate their consumers and provide them with products and services that will prevent them from becoming financially burdened, if a catastrophic event or major repair occurs. They can be reached 24 hours per day via the toll free number. Their industry-leading “180-Day Workmanship Guarantee” ensures that each customer is provided quality service from their technicians. If not, they will rectify the problem at no expense to you.

Customers who need to file a claim may do so via the phone or for some products, via the internet. Phone claim filing may involve speech recognition software to accelerate the claim filing process. Surveys are provided to customers the claim process, with 95 percent of customers with paid claims stating they are satisfied with the service. Customers support the plans and appreciate the value that they receive from Cross Country Home Services products and services.


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