Create a Photoshop icon in Photoshop

Create a Photoshop icon in Photoshop

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We are going to be making a very small icon , using the famous Photoshop Feather logo! This should help you in some basic Pixeling concepts.

Step 1:

First create a new Photoshop document 16×16 pixels in size:

Step 2:

First pull out the pencil tool (you’ll be using this alot) and set your foreground color to: #7C7C7C, Zoom in as far as you can zoom in and use the pencil tool to draw out an image like below:

Step 3:

Next set your foreground color to white and fill in the areas where the paper would be **BE SURE TO TURN OFF ANTI-ALIASED IN THE TOP RIGHT OF PHOTOSHOP

Step 4:

Now pull out your pencil tool again and set your foreground color to #C2C2C2 and draw a shape like below:

Step 5:(optional but recommended)

Zoom out sit back relax and enjoy the results of your work so far (*^_^*)

Step 6:

Now create a new layer and with the pencil tool and foreground color set too #242424 draw out a rectangle like below:

Step 7:

Create another layer and use the pencil tool to fill in the area inside of the upper left rectangle with #3E9FE0

Step 8:

Now apply the following Gradient Overlay to the layer.

Click on the Gradient to bring next option up

Which should produce:

Step 9:

Now you need to insert the text ‘PS’ for Photoshop, use a System font like System, or MS Sans-serif, set the font to really small and the Anti-Aliasing of text to ‘None’ Type in PS (believe me, it says PS down there). If you can’t find a font that works then just draw out the white shapes with the pencil tool.

You should have the following so far:

Step 10:

Last thing to do is insert the Photoshop Feather, download the feather below by right clicking and selecting ‘Save Picture As’, save it to your hard drive then open it in photoshop:

Copy the image and paste it into your icon on a layer directly under the layer with the ‘PS’ box on it, but above the paper part in the backgroud,go to Edit > Transform (ctrl+t) so that you can resize the feather to a size that fits inside of the paper:

And walla your done:

But don’t stop there! Use your newfound pixel skills to do other cool stuff :)

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