Coloring and coloring books are one great way to improve your creativity. Coloring spikes the creativity part of our brain which allows us to think better. And to have better results with our day to day life. The funny thing is, is that we started coloring when we were kids. But have we ever thought about returning to that, and start coloring again? Probably not. But we should. It is shown that coloring will in fact improve your creativity. There are parts in every single part of your brain that need to be exercised and our day to day activities usually aren’t creative enough to spark these parts. One great way to start these exercises is by coloring x-men heroes. This is a great way to start out your day. Everyday if you were to get into the habit of coloring things you would definitely have less problems throughout the day. Because you would start out your day using these parts of your brain and you would continue using them throughout the day. Something very important in Elementary school is that your kids color. Everyday they should have some sort of assignment like that in which they can take a break from math and use the part of your brain that will one day help them invent something. ben 10 is something that all kids love to color! But the best thing about it is that if they like other coloring pages they can simply start coloring these great things too. If they don’t want to do it alone you can join them and start sparking your creative thoughts. Who knows maybe when you start coloring you might think up some multi million dollar invention that could change your financial situation forever! Thats something that everyone would accept. So get creative senses going and start coloring!

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