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How to Choose a Website Template For Your Project
A web template is an off-the-shelf website that's ready to be filled with your content. Right now it's very easy to get a website of your own - you just can use a pre-made website template. Wordpress · Wordpress Theming
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This new post is a compilation of great portfolio wordpress themes that can be purchased in a very affordable price. Through these themes, you may be on your way to having a portfolio you can use to showcase your works. Some available features are listed below the images to give you an idea of the features included in the package. You may also visit the main source and check out the actual theme and see if it fit your need. Wordpress · Wordpress Theming
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10 Useful Dreamweaver Tips & Tricks For Beginners
A Dreamweaver user will definitely reckon what a powerhouse it is. Packed with tonnes of features, options and debatably one among the most well known IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in today’s market. It may not meet the criteria that some developers demanded however, Dreamweaver undeniably provides a decent range of development, collaborating and coding tools. These options and tools are hidden under layers of regrettable less intuitive menus, which is why we are providing tutorials in today’s post. Wordpress · Wordpress Theming
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Create a WordPress Web Layout from Scratch
This nifty tutorial will teach you how to create a sleek looking Web Layout like below from scratch. Programming it into a WordPress theme. Covers basic WordPress Theme design and basic WordPress Theme Programming, in addition to some neat CSS and HTML Effects to create an above average WordPress theme.This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating a Wordpress Theme completely from scratch, excellent inspiration and learning. Wordpress · Wordpress Theming
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