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3D Invasion in Photoshop, using 3D Effects in Photoshop
Create a cool looking invasion scene using Photoshops new 3d modeling techniques Click Here to see the Tutorial Sub-Pages
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Create a Moniter Icon in Photoshop – Page 2
Learn how to create a cool looking Moniter Icon – Page 2 Page prev 1 2 Now we are going to start coloring the monitor, to begin first create a new layer and position that layer UNDER the layer with the monitor outline. then pull out the trusty Pen Tool again and draw out the […] Sub-Pages
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Whiteshading Website Layout Page 2
Page: Previous 1 2 next tip Hold down shift + click to select a perfect circle Now we are going to create those top circle decorations, first pull out the circular marquee tool and make a selection like so (be sure to make a new layer) : It doesn’t matter where you make the circle […] Sub-Pages
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Futuristic Tech Sig in Photoshop – Part 2
Page 2 – The Model and Tech Brushing Prev Page 2 of 2 First off your going to want to find a cool model that you want to be the central part of your Sig, I chose a model of a guy off of Halo, you can use anything although I’d recommend something Mechanical or […] Photoshop · Sub-Pages
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Good-Bye Joomla Well, unfortunately I ran into some massive bugs with Joomla, and am bidding farewell to the Content Management System. Joomla was pretty good but is now being taken over by more robust CMS’s Sub-Pages
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