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Wolfman Signature Tutorial
Create an awesome Signature for Forums in Photoshop The Wolfman Signature This will be the final result for our Wolfman Signature Create this cool signature quickly and easily in Photoshop. This Is A Tutorial To Learn How To Make A Basic To Complex Signature With Many Techniques Within. You WIll Use c4d’s to Clipping Masks. […] Photoshop · Signatures
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Futuristic Tech Sig in Photoshop
Page 1 – The Background Page 1 of 2 Next Objectives In this tutorial we will cover the art of creating super cool tech sigs! The Basics of Signature (sig) creation Using Abstract and Tech Brushes Difficulty Level: Intermediate RESOURCES REQUIRED Tip Try downloading other Brushes as well and see what you can find, there […] Photoshop · Signatures
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