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Master the basics: Perspective drawing in Illustrator
This tutorial explores how to set up a perspective grid, draw directly on to the grid, then map existing artwork in a perspective plane. Beyond the creation of visuals, perspective drawing can lead to new ways to develop logos and icons that play on the ambiguity of 2D space. Basics · Complete Guides · Drawing · Illustrator
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Create quirky repeating patterns
However, unlike in an official map, Imakethings uses bright colours and adds a few creatures here and there to create a whimsical, magical landscape. The map tiles to make a recurring image that could be applied to any number of surfaces. Complete Guides · Photoshop
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Illustrator 30 Day Crash Course
This tutorial will teach you the basics of Adobe Illustrator and get you up to speed in 30 days, or less if you move fasterThis Adobe Illustrator Tutorial will get you up to speed with Illustrator in 30 days. Complete Guides · Illustrator
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