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Awesome new web design company
If you are looking for a great new Web Design company you should check out CuttingEdgeWeb.com they feature some of the most amazing cutting edge web design and development that you will ever see, it’s a great way to help take your business to the next level on the web. If you don’t like all […] Features · Sub-Pages
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Boost Speed 5
Experiencing a Slow Computer? Graphics Designers can speed it up
As Graphics Designers we are constantly using our computers, enough that if our computers start to slow down it really influences how productive we are. Well if you start to notice that your computer is becoming a slow computer then you need to do some necessary things to help speed up computer a revolutionary new […] Features · News
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SMS Notify
Ingenious New Text Messaging Gateway allows Web Programmers to Send Text Messages via the Internet
Think about the Power of Text-Messaging online. A couple of examples include, register for a Doctor, Dentist, or Eye Appointment online and then receive a text-message and hour or so reminding you of the appointment. Loads better than the little card they send you a couple of days before? I would say yes! Technology like […] Features · News
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Top 3 Ecommerce Web Designs
As Graphics Designers more often then not we fall into the experience of needing to do some ecommerce web design whether for a client or for ourselves, having a solid grasp of this type of graphics design would be very valuable, I decided to highlight some of the designs I think would be most effective […]This post discusses some of the most effective Ecommerce Web Designs on the net, and ways that you can apply those same techniques to your own site. Features
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Top 5 Reasons to get an Adobe Certification
Adobe is a software company founded in 1982 and focused on the production of multi-media and creative software products and provider of IT solutions across media and devises anywhere, anytime. Adobe’s presence and influence is much felt globally, owning more than half of its revenues from outside the US. In their website they said they […] Features
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Software Recommendation – UserReport.com Software Tracking and then some!
If you are looking for some good free web analytics then make sure that you give www.UserReport.com a look. In addition to tracking all the stuff that you’d be used to such as unique visitors, visitor demographics, where the visitor came from, and so on. UserReport.com also has some neat visitor feedback and interaction tools […] Features
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Adobe CS3 Compared to Adobe CS4
CS3 and CS4 are two consecutive genres of software package from Adobe Systems called Creative Suite. These collections of graphic design, video editing and web development applications such as Photoshop, Adobe and InDesign have been released regularly by Adobe in progression indicated in version numbers. CS4 which was released in October 2008 is the newer […] Features
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Creative new website offers affordable logo design and offers fun Freelance opportunity
Looking for online logo design at an affordable price? Or are you a freelance logo designer looking for a cool logo contest then 48HoursLogo.com is the place for you. For as little as $79 you can get a high quality logo, looking through some of the competitions we were really impressed to see the quality […] Features · Sub-Pages
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10 Inspiring Web Layouts
There is a large amount of incredibly creative minds out there, in an effort to share Web Designs which have inspired my design work, and helped me learn more about Graphics Design and Digital Art, I decided to highlight some of the best Website Layout Designs, on the net. Scarlet Bits: Audio Jungle: Creative Overflow […]Web Design has some talented and creative people the world over, I decided to post some designs which have inspired me in my work. Excellent designs, and great talent featured here. Features · Inspiration
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5 Inspirational Logos
These are 5 Inspiration Logos I’ve chosen from around the Net: Skype Logo Hope you enjoy these 5 Inspirational Logo Designs, if you have any Logos you think we should post, let us know.A bunch of cool sleek and elegant logos to inspire your designs. Features
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