I’ve been looking for a good WordPress Shopping Cart for a long time, believe me it’s hard to find one that does the job and does it well. Finally though I believe I’ve reached the end of my search with Cart Ninja, a relative newcomer; the Shopping Cart has a lot of awesome features that make it stand out from the rest. It’s fairly straight forward to setup, you can use the WordPress plugin to attach the product details to any post, page, or custom post type on your wordpress page, or you can use the product creator to create custom product forms and add to cart url’s that you can use anywhere.

I’ve listed some of the things that I really like about the cart:

1 – Streamlined Concise Interface

Many carts are just so overcomplicated that they fail to do the simple task at hand (allowing you to sell something online), while Cart Ninja allows you to customize to suit your needs, the interface comes across as clean concise and let’s you get your store up and running quickly and easily.

2 – Flexible

Cart Ninja has a WordPress plugin that is so easy to use that anyone familiar with WordPress could start using it in a heart beat. As a WordPress themer I was also excited to learn that you can easily theme the cart with Custom Post Types which is great for clients and for really streamlining your workflow for your own projects.

It’s a simple matter to attach Product Info to your posts and then display that info with either a shortcode or template tag, allowing for total flexibility.

3 – Customer Friendly

I’m always surprised at how cumbersome most shopping carts are, requiring the customer to fill out lengthy forms just to buy a simple product.  Cart Ninja does away with all of that and offers simple convenient payment methods for your customer to pay you quickly and easily.

Always remember this about eCommerce: the lower the friction, the higher the sales. Meaning that if you require your customer to go through 2-3 pages of form filling out, you’re probably losing out on 100-300% of your sales.

In addition to offering standard credit cards that customers are expecting you can offer Paypal (Express version) payments to your customers who can use either method to pay you for your goods.

4 – Can Sell Digital Products

Cart Ninja offers full support for digital products and is a great option to sell anything digital (eBooks, Mp3′s, etc..) the interface for digital downloads is also easy to use and will email your customer with downloads immediately.

5 – Split Tested Success

Every part of the Cart Ninja Shopping cart has been split tested for optimal conversion rates and user-friendliness, this testing can pass straight into your business, meaning higher conversion rates and ultimately a much better bottom line for you and your business.

6 – Can work without WordPress

Cart Ninja can also work on virtually any website setup, be it another CMS like Drupal or Joomla, or a static website / custom implementation.  It just makes eCommerce in general a breeze.

In conclusion I have to say if you are looking at getting into eCommerce you should give Cart Ninja a good look, it is an awesome option that should be able to fit a whole lot of your needs and should be an excellent fit.

Score: 10 / 10

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