Ben the energy hunter from ben 10 uses a watch powered by energy to change into alien characters. This is something that every young kid imagines and wants to do. That is why this tv series is so popular because lots of kids have these super creative minds. Mostly everyone when they grew up had some sort of obsession with ghosts and energy. This is what young kids think about and how somehow and someway they can acquire these awesome powers. The thing is most of this stuff does not exist yet so it is not possible. That is yet. We all know with the new technology and everything advancing so fast that some day things like this will exist and we will be able to change how our minds work. We will be able to create some sort of energy that is clean for the environment. Some sort of energy that will be powerful enough to power cars. Some sort of alternative to gas. So that we can kick back without killing our environment. Someday we will be able put energy into our hands and use it as weapons. We will have protection that is efficient and clean. It is something that someday we will come across.

Lots of people say that ghosts really exist. Some people really believe this, but honestly there are ghosts. There is enough evidence in which we can say ghosts really exist. However the problem is to what form. How, and why do ghosts exist? Can they hurt us? How can they affect us? Essentially ghosts are just spirits. Good or bad they are spirits that roam around earth for some reason. Nobody really knows but some say for protection. Others say they are satan’s helpers. But there is some sort of purpose to all of this. Someday we’ll find out.

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