Adobe CS3 Compared to Adobe CS4

Adobe CS3 Compared to Adobe CS4

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CS3 and CS4 are two consecutive genres of software package from Adobe Systems called Creative Suite. These collections of graphic design, video editing and web development applications such as Photoshop, Adobe and InDesign have been released regularly by Adobe in progression indicated in version numbers. CS4 which was released in October 2008 is the newer and improved version, succeeding CS3 that came out roughly a year and a half ahead. Here are the descriptions, differences and significance:


CS3, which succeeded CS2 and CS, introduced universal binaries for all its major programs, compatible in both Power PC and Apple Macintosh formats. Unlike in the earlier versions, CS3 also incorporated all core applications of Micromedia Studio, a former competitor of Adobe, and Production Studio. In the later editions, the Creative Suite also begun using Presto layout engine, used in the Opera web browser.

From its release in 2007, CS3 came up with six different program combinations namely: Design Standard and Premium and Web Standard and Premium which were released in April 2007; Production Premium and Master Collections released in June 2007. In June 2008, Fireworks CS3 was included in the Design Premium and all editions that had Acrobat 8 PRO were replaced with Acrobat 9 PRO.

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In 2008 CS4 introduced the user interface system, which means applications which used to run independently could already be used at the same time in the same window, separated only in multiple tabs. This so called “tabbed interface” is more common to the latest internet browsers. CS4 also added support to nVidia CUDA technology through third party plugins, making H.264 video encodings faster.

Another breakthrough for Adobe is the development of CS4 to perform under 64-bit and multi-core processors in consumer computers. Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 have been optimized and upgraded to run natively in 64-bit operation. However this feature is only available for Windows format. This advantage could address large amount of memory used by Adobe application, increasing the speed of file swapping.

*Differences and Significance*

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CS4 is an upgrade of CS3 for obvious reasons. The newer version is more convenient with its user interface system, optimized performance in 64-bit processors, and added support interface other technologies allowing better video encodings. Two applications that were present in CS3 were dropped in CS4. These are the Adobe Ultra, which is a vector keying application which is used to improve images of pictures that have poor lighting, and Adobe Stock Photos. Adobe InCopy is also absent in the CS4 bundle but can be procured separately from Adobe or other sources. However, as to which version is better reviews have diverse opinion.

The period of introduction between CS3 and CS3 to the market is said to be very close to each other allowing little room for significant changes. For small time visual and audio editing user, CS4 is more costly than CS3, considering that the former also requires a 2-gigabyte RAM, aside from the fact that there is not much changes.

CS4 would suit well to editing professionals who work with large files, do multiple media and are concerned with speed. The Photoshop CS4 is capable of painting directly on 3D models, warp 2D images around 3D shapes, convert gradient maps to 3D objects, give depth to layers and texts, exporting to supported 3D formats and other capabilities for scientific imaging and high end film and video users.

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