5 Inspirational Logos

5 Inspirational Logos

A bunch of cool sleek and elegant logos to inspire your designs.

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These are 5 Inspiration Logos I’ve chosen from around the Net:

Skype Logo

Skype Logo Design Inspiration

Skype Logo Bubbly Design, good use of indents and gradients

Five Design Logo Inspiration

I like the simple layout and use of clever blending of blue colors and gradients. - By Luiz Adelino

Ecofood Logo Design Inspiration

Clever use of the Green Colors looking like Seaweed, simple yet creative and elegant logo - Stanislav Glajevsky

Go North Logo Inspiration

Nice looking tree, "cooler" bluish colors overall a good branding technique -

Loading Energy Logo Design Inspiration

Blend of Retro Text and Modern Gradients, neat looking logo -Luiz Aldeno

Hope you enjoy these 5 Inspirational Logo Designs, if you have any Logos you think we should post, let us know.

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